Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Apples Grow in Little York

These are photos that I recently acquired of my great grandparents' farm in Little York, Pine Island. In addition to a dairy Phllip and Katherine Kiel ( the later is seen picking apples in her summer bonnet) had an apple orchard. Many of these apple trees still exist, although this photo was taken sometime in the 1930s. The farm is better known as the old Feagles' place, as this was the owner after the Kiels sold out and retired in 1947. Upon his retirement Kiel bought an army surplus quonset hut and had it placed at the corner of Warwick Turnpike and Route 94 (New Milford Rd.), as his son-in-law had recently bought the old Raynor Farm which include this lot that is now the site of Shop Rite; here he sold farm fresh fruits and vegetables for a short time.


  1. These pictures are gorgeous! Almost surreal in nature but still homes a foundation to not only the humane, but to living in Warwick, NY in general.Oddly enough I just helped my father plant some beautiful new apple trees in his renovated garden. I hope to see them this plentiful in the distant future.Great post Robert.

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