Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Apples Grow in Little York

These are photos that I recently acquired of my great grandparents' farm in Little York, Pine Island. In addition to a dairy Phllip and Katherine Kiel ( the later is seen picking apples in her summer bonnet) had an apple orchard. Many of these apple trees still exist, although this photo was taken sometime in the 1930s. The farm is better known as the old Feagles' place, as this was the owner after the Kiels sold out and retired in 1947. Upon his retirement Kiel bought an army surplus quonset hut and had it placed at the corner of Warwick Turnpike and Route 94 (New Milford Rd.), as his son-in-law had recently bought the old Raynor Farm which include this lot that is now the site of Shop Rite; here he sold farm fresh fruits and vegetables for a short time.

Warwick Advertiser, Thursday, June 27, 1929

Eighth Grade Graduation

Program Given Monday Evening, Marked by Its Excellence---Six Honor Pupils in Class

The program given by the graduating class of the Grammar School this year followed the usual line adopted some years ago, with the presentation of a playlet. This year's skit was prepared under the direction of Miss Cavanaugh, and showed care in the selection of the characters and in the drilling. The doll wedding, given by a group of the girls, was also well rendered and received most heartily by the audience which filled the Oakland for the occasion. Mary Hayes gave two fine piano solos in a manner that is exceptional for one of her age.
The first scholarship prize of $5 went to Helen Mapes, while the second and third went to Reta Vanderburgh and Ralph Lawson respectively. Honorable mention was given to Paul Miller, Alexander Peschel and Alec Frick.
The W.C.T.U. Prizes for essays on Prohibition went to Reta Vanderburgh for the eighth grade and Frances Baird for the seventh grade.
The complete program was as follows:


Class Play
“Her Blessed Boy”

Mrs. Tingle, the mother
Reta Vanderburgh
Aunt Virginia, always shocked at modern manners.......Ralph Lawson
Aunt Edith, at sixty-nine Rosena Miller
Helen Tingle, fond of dress
Helen Mapes
Edith Tingle, with delicate appetite
Katherine O'Neill
Betty Radway, neighborhood girl, always borrowing....Jennie Sinsabaugh
Betty Radway, Tingles' Irish Maid
Ruth Stem
Mrs. Michael Malone, mother of Eileen and Dennis....James Specht
Tom Tingle, oldest boy and Aunt Faith's favorite......Everett Faulls
Charles Tingle.......Earl Graham
Howard Tingle.......Joe Stocken
Always fighting each other
Dennis Malone, brother of Eileen
William Terwilliger
The Blessed Boy Himself, sixteen
Franklin Ryerson
Act I--- The Tingle Family prepare for the blessed Boy
Act II---Dennis Malone is borrowed to play a part
Act III---The Blessed Bow arrives
Time---Wednesday morning to Thursday afternoon

Second Part
The Wedding of the Painted Doll
Eighth Grade Girls
Piano Solo..................Mary Hayes
(a) Old Fashioned Mother of Mine.
(b) Ah! Sweet Mystery of life.
Class Song---School of My Dreams
by Jesse Donovan, William Edwards
Presentation of diplomas
Honor prizes for eighth grade pupils
Awarding of State Reading Certificates
prizes for essays on Prohibition
Class Motto---”Forward”
Class Flower---Red Rose
Class Colors---Read and White
Class Roll
Charles Barrett
Helen Mapes
Charles Biamonte
Paul Miller
Leonard Davis
Rosena Miller
Mary Decker
Frank Nebel
Frank DeGraw
Kathryn O'Neill
Mildred DeGraw
Patsy Papaceno
John Delver
Clifford Parker
Jesse Donovan
Charles Pervall
William Edwards
Alexander Peschel
Everett Faulls
Franklin Ryerson
Charles Finger
Jennie Sinsabaugh
Alec Frick
Frank Sisco
Mary Frustaci
Bernice Smith
Earle Graham
Frank Smith
Ernest Haines
James Specht
Ira Hamel
Ruth Stem
Mary Hayes
Joe Stocken
Albert Langlitz
William Terwilliger
Ralph Lawson
Reta Vanderburgh
Peter Lesando
Clarence Wilson
Class Honors
Helen Mapes
Paul Miller
Reta Vanderburgh
Alexander Peschel
Ralph Lawson
Alec Frick